Where organic is born in Tuscany

The territory's features

780 mm
Annual Rainfall
14 gradi
Average Temperature

Vines and Territory

Agricola Ludus' Vines

The Vines of Agricola Ludus unfold in a geographical area characterized by the link between vineyards and territory, rooting back in History. The gentle and sunny clayey hills of the estate, between the villages of Gambassi Terme, Montaione and Certaldo (between 200 and 400 meters above sea level) are a unique terroir, with its abundance of silicum and thermal waters, flowing right beneath them, and with tuff and clay. The same Florentine hills already pictured in Reinassance works, offering today the same skyline.

The care for the stability of the eco-system and the respect for integrity of the soil are considered in the advantage of bio-diversity, of territoriality and capability of expressing the vineyards. But it’s not only climate, Earth and vines. You need to merge the power of nature and mankind, in a vision that looks at a more responsible world through the eyes of the vines..

The choice of organic

Vineyards born from the passion for wine-making and respect for Earth. Because our future will be organic.

Respect and environmental protection are the key values that lead us to choose the path of becoming a Certified Organic Farm. We were driven by the idea of handing in a legacy of a healthy cultivated land, respecting the Nature that surrounds and nurtures us. We use sustainable and non-invasive cultivation techniques, respecting the enviroment, the plants and the natural cycle of life, such as fallow, green manure and organic fight to parasite. We have chosen not to succumb nature to maximise profits and even vines pruning respects the lymphatic flow, as dictated by René Lafon, which aims at avoiding contrictions and weakening of plants. We are finalizing the conversion into Certified Organic Farm and Vintage 2021 will be our first fully organic certified production.

Where organic born in Tuscan

Ludus Vines and Territory

Located between the villages of Gambassi Terme, Montaione and Certaldo, Agricola Ludus is crossed by the Francigena Route (Stage 31: Gambassi Terme- San Gimignano) in a territory rich in History and Art. Stage number 8 of the Tuscan Itinerary goes through Agricola Ludus, starting from Rio Petroso up North until down South, reaching the Volterrana Route, very close to the Pieve a Chianni. By walking it, pilgrims will also find the “Borgo della Meliana” on their ways, which allows a peaceful rest, looking forward to the next step.

Many farmhouses and holiday rentals are available, where one can relax and enjoy  the wonderful nature and art surrounding these places.  Vineyards of Agricola Ludus are found in territories which have been awarded the status of Azienda Faunistico Venatoria, Hunting and Fauna Reserve, since the second half of the seventeenth century. This  has guaranteed a high preservation of nature, with secular forests alternating to fields dedicated to the seeding of traditional varieties (alfalfa, sorghum, and wild herbs) along with creeks and small lakes. Fauna lives free: birds, hoofed animals and other breeds typical of the Tuscan countryside, which find food and shelter without any risks.

Gambassi Terme is a renowned locality, thanks to the presence of a thermal spring, called “Acqua Salsa Pillo”, which is located right into the territories of Agricola Ludus. This thermal water is well known for its healing and curative properties, it’s rich in minerals and is also hyper tonic, ideal both for the digestive and respiratory system. Its name “Salsa” comes from the fact that this water is peculiarly salty, thus the link with the Francigena and Volterrana Routes, which have been since ancient times two of the main Salt Routes.

Where the organic born in Tuscan

Ludus Vineyard

The best vines, deep in the heart of Tuscan countryside.

38° 25' 00.87``
Merlot, petit verdot, cabernet franc e cabernet sauvignon.
Morning fogs and warm sunny afternoons
Sandy and clayey soil
Agricola Ludus - Il Biologico in Toscana